Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Yes, but is it Kosher?

Up till this point i have ignored the issue of Kosher food. Well i guess thats not completely true - i have been following principles of ethical eating. We use the minimum air miles for food we buy, so buy seasonally and locally. We only eat organic meat as this means that some level of animal welfare is assured. Looking at kosher laws we have primarily felt that in forbidding eating animals likes pigs and shellfish it seems the intention was to outlaw food that is dangerous to eat in places which don't have refrigeration. However, we agreed that when we moved into our own place we would go kosher for at least a month, try and embrace it and see where we are at with it.

The list of foods that are tray (forbidden) that we don't care about : camel, rodents, repltails, animals that died of natural causes, eagles, hawks, vultures. Can live with not eating those.

On the other hand, pork, rabbit, clam, lobster, swordfish, crab, prawns. Thats more of a struggle. Worse still the sciatic nerve in the hindquarters is forbidden this is very hard to remove and as such filet mignon, sirloin steaks, etc unless from a kosher certified butcher are off the menu. I am not a happy bunny - which is fine as i am not allowed to eat them :(