Tuesday, 3 May 2011

To much

At pressent i seem to be drowning in emotions. A couple of my friends - well three in fact are being ordained shortly - i trained with them and if i hadnt dropped out would be being ordained with them. We are in the process of trying to move out of my parents - into a 1 bedroom flat, this will have to accomadate my wife, me and two children.

My long suffering wife has said - well it wont be for long, beliving i will soon have better job security - or earn more. I feel like a failure for my lack of provision for my family.


  1. My husband would sympathize with this. He's gone through feelings of failure at various times when we've had problems financially. Your wife sounds very supportive, which is so important. I'm glad you can move into a new flat, even if it seems small right now. What sort of job are you doing right now, or do you plan to do?

  2. The problem is i am not very qualified to do anything beyond theology. I am currently - despite my poor offering here - actually a professional blogger on finance aimed at consumers, i write polices and procedures, and think - I do human resources, and cobble together the books. No qualification in any of it. When my MA finally finishes i will at least have an MA!