Saturday, 2 April 2011

time to sleep

It really is time to sleep but i havent posted for a few days and want to get into the discipline of it. I have watched loads of movies the last couple of days. umm trying to think what else i have been up to.

Job wise it looks like the company i am working for is not going to make it through - so the plans of getting a place of our own are out the window right now.

Today was good - we had a wonder around town, went to a local community fair thing which was really nice. I find it so difficult at times with the whirlwind (daughter). Sometimes i take real pleasure in stopping every few steps when she wants to look in a shop or examine a paving slab and other times it all seems impossibly frustrating and i just want us to be able to walk in a straight line for five minutes. It almost makes me wish we could strap her into a push chair and be done with it (she has never been in a push chair).

Its gone 3 am and i really should be in bed. Night Night tinternet.

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