Tuesday, 29 March 2011

The Problem with other peoples festivals.

On Sunday in England it is mothering sunday. This is a Christian festival in its origan - people used to return to their home - mother church at least once a year, so each year in the middle of lent the return would be made. For those living away from home this would probably involve visiting home and as such seeing parents. For many mothering sunday is now just a time to remember and celebrate the role of mothers.

So should 'we' as an increasingly Jewish household mark mothers day? Along with Passover , easter approaches, and spring in general. A secular organisation is doing a walk in search of soft toy chicks - a day for young children - they are calling it an Easter event - should this cause us to shun the event?

I find it very hard working out what is and isn't normal and okay as a convert. I think the issue is probably far less pressing for those who grow up in Jewish homes - but for those coming to it a knew - we simply - I simply dont know what most Jews do about this stuff.


  1. I think whatever faith we are it can be hard to distinguish between what is good to do because it is a faith thing or what is good to do because it means joining in with what our community is doing. Being part of the commumity is surely where we need to be, sharing our lives together even if it doesn't always seem to make sense or fit in with our religious beliefs. Surely God is in all things. He just prefers it when we acknowledge him.

  2. not I think God being in all things - or present in all things doesn't make all things or place healthy for us as individuals. You could for example argue that the local drug dealers party and orgy could be attended on the same basis. This is not to say that i see the two as the same thing, but just to say that i am not sure that the argument works.

    That said i think maybe its fine to be involved in the festivals of other religions as long as we do so as visitors? This means that we go - involve ourselves in the community, but also make a distinction between sharing with others in their celebrations - and celebrations that are ours.

  3. You can celebrate Mothering Sunday if I can rest on Saturdays as well as Sundays. However, I fear it will not be God who I will risk upsetting by putting my feat up on the Sabbath but Mrs MadPriest.