Monday, 21 March 2011


I am incredibly lonely right now.  I am sitting in my living room (I say my living room but i am living in my parents home with a living room that is mine ...but theres if that makes sense...its my room in their house) and it has kind of occurred to me that i have almost no social life at all anymore.

My life involves going to work, coming home, some time with the wife and daughter, playing on the computer, studying, back to work. I dont work fridays - on fridays i study in the morning, in the afternoon i take my daughter for a cup of tea, then give her a bath before candle light. we then go to synagogue. On a saturday we try to spend the day doing something as a family. On sunday we go to my wifes parents for lunch in the evening my wifes sister comes for tea. Repeat.

There was a time not so long ago when i had an active social life from reinactment, to friends from church, through to shows i went to, clubs i failed to dance at, bars i drank in - i seemed to be awash in the social lfie department but as time has ticked on - as we have moved once, twice, again - in fact five times in two years, as i have moved form church to synagogue, and from childless to with child the friends have fallen away. Life has changed and i havent found new people i feel comftable with. I dont know a single person i can just turn up on the doorstep of and invite myself in for a cup of tea and i dont see any easy way of changing the situation.

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