Tuesday, 22 March 2011

My Morning

The alarm clock goes of, my wife tries to get out of bed - but before she does she gives our daughter a few moments of feeding. I ask my daughter to get my glasses, she gets up, walks around the bed and hands them to me. She then climbs back into bed bringing with her a book called 'Guess how much i love you'. She snuggles up under my arm and we read it with her stretching out her arms and following the actions of little nutbrown hare. as we reach the last few pages i pick up my daughter as big nutbrown hare picks up little nutbrown hare in the book. She pretends to sleep as i lay her down, kiss her, tell her that i love her to the moon - and back. we then get up, and go to the loo. After that its back to the bedroom to dress. We then wash our hands with a blessing.

We then trail downstairs, when my wife has made breakfest. We eat together, then the wife goes to get dressed while i keep hold of our daughter. I spend a few minutes on the computer and its of to work.

I rather enjoy my mornings :)

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