Thursday, 24 March 2011

Things I wish i could afford today..

There are a huge number of things that i wish i could afford - and not having enough money seems to be a theme in my life - a very dull one in honesty.

Today the item which i am 'lusting' after is i find learning hebrew hell. There is a computer program that teaches you modern hebrew and is really rather brillent - but costs hideous amounts of money.

My synagogue are just about to start up a reading hebrew course at a far more affordable £25 a term - but i am very worried that with my general problems with languge i will slip behind really quickly and just be rubbish.  Learning in the previousy of my own home would be so much nicer!!  I also want to learn not just to read hebrew but to understand it. I want to embody it - i want to think in hebrew. More than anything else my stumbing around the prayer book makes me feel a stranger in shaul. 

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